Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fill A Bucket

My friend over at teachingheartmom has started a contest and it's one you should know about. It's sort of a "pay it forward" kind of thing, and what better day to start it than the day that the Greatest Someone Who Ever Lived filled all of our buckets ~ Easter Day!!

You can check out the contest at
The whole idea is to use our words or random or intentional acts of kindness to fill someone's bucket. Of course the lesson is that we can also empty other people's buckets by being unkind, unloving, or uncaring. Whose bucket can you fill today?

I'll tell you about someone who fills my bucket every time I'm with her and that's my sister-in-law, Nancy. Somehow she can always see through to my heart. She always has the right words to say. She always points me back in the right direction and points me to God. She reminds me that God is always in control even when it seems like the world is rushing in to steal my faith away. She is the true sister I never had and I love her :) I think I'll send her this link so I can fill her bucket :)

And while I'm at it, let me tell you about 3 bloggers that I just love so I can fill their buckets:
Organizing Junkie @
This one has awesome organizing tips and lots of pictures to show you how she does it. I organized my van junkie's way and it was great!

The Pioneer Woman @
LOTS of great recipes and wonderful photography

Teaching Heart Mom @
Well, I can't say enough about this blog and her website I could spend hours there!!! Teacher friends, I have several of her teaching CD's and they are the best I've seen!!!

You can order the book "Have You Filled A Bucket Today" from Amazon. It's a good one for teaching your children about filling the buckets of people in their lives.

Happy Bucket Filling!


Teaching Heart Mom said...

Wow, great post... Thank you so much for the kind words about Teaching Heart. You DID fill my bucket! I am sure you filled many buckets with this post. I loved your words about Nancy!!! we all need a friend or family member like her. Thanks again for playing and good luck!!!

Laura said...

Ahhh you are too sweet, thank you! So glad the van tips worked out for you :)


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