Saturday, March 20, 2010

Faith 'n Begorrah! Et's ben ah year!!

Around here we LOVE St. Patty's Day! I don't know of any specific Irish roots on either side of the family but you might think there are some, based on my girls names (McKensie Elizabeth, Molly Shannon, Sadie Grayce, and Annsley Jayne). Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed this day and all the fun it had to hold.

One of the highlights over the years has been making Green River Floats, just Green River Soda and vanilla ice cream made into a float. When I made these for the kids at school today you should have seen their faces, "You expect us to drink THAT green stuff!" But as soon as they taste it ~ YUMMYOLA!

Next on our list of fun was making a graham cracker treat which included a pot of gold :). A friend at school, Laura, gave me the makings for this fun project. All you need is a graham cracker rectangle, white frosting, Thin Mints GS Cookies, Fruity Pebbles cereal or some mini-M & M's, and some sprinkles. Oh, did I happen to mention that I am the "Queen of Everything".  Do you know anyone else who has a BIN of sprinkles? The girls had fun making these and promptly eating them.

My highlight of the day was creating Reuben Panini's. It was simple AND delicious! Corned Beef from the deli, Brick Cheese, Spicy Ranch dressing, Sauerkraut, and Lite Rye bread. Then I had a brainstorm about using my George Foreman grill to create a panini. It worked great! I made Irish potatoes and served the sliced corned beef to anyone who wasn't brave enough to try the panini. Then I put on some iTunes Irish music and we chowed down! Molly (15) loved them and claimed it was her idea!

I'm really behind in blogging so am going to try and catch you up over the next few days, no promises! Enjoy Spring wherever you are! We enjoyed the last 3 days of flip flop/capri weather and then woke up this morning to about 3 inches of snow! Good day to stay inside and blog :)!!

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