Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 Things To Put on Your Gingerbread House

The gingerbread village that is laying all over my kitchen table got me to thinking that there must be other over-achievers out there.  Please tell me I'm not the only one :)  And sure enough, a few clicks through google images and there you have it...
It’s that time of year when we use food as decoration and no one yells at us when we leave it all over the house. That’s not dried spaghetti and tomato sauce on my floor, it’s tomorrow's garland.
This year we made a gingerbread house and it’s spectacular. We live in Trout Towers, so of course there are flying buttresses, a bell tower, a ballustrade, a campanile, a rotunda and several turrets, just like our house. With all that architectural glory, we had a lot of decorating to do.
Here is our Top Ten List of things to put on your Gingerbread House:
1. All the leftover candy from Halloween.  It’s just like Sculpey, but less delicious.
2. Fiber-optic lights, because you can.
fiber optic gingerbread 10 Things to Put On A Gingerbread House
3. A quarterboard. Gingerbread Houses, like all homes, should be named.  Pick something holiday-related, like “Hortensia’s House of Ho-Ho-Hos.”
4. An alarm system. Your house may be next door to a gingerbread crack house.
5. A gingerbread man, skewered with a stake to the roof as a warning to the others.
gingerbreadman 10 Things to Put On A Gingerbread House
6. Leed certified insulation and a composting toilet.
7. Gargoyles.
8. A storm cellar, especially if your gingerbread house is in Kansas. When a tornado picks up your house and drops it in a big giant’s teacup instead of smashing a witch’s sister, you better hope your ruby slippers have some serious traction.
wizard of gingerbread 10 Things to Put On A Gingerbread House
9. Arsenic. I asked you several times to stop leaving your underwear on the floor.
10. A lien. Even Painters of Light Frosting go bankrupt sometimes.

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May your day be filled with all things gingerbready,

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Teaching Heart Mom said...

So cute suzie... that house in that mug looks yummy! merry christmas bloggy friend.

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